Thursday, January 16, 2014

New struggles and new art

Hello friends! Thank you for continuing to visit me. Life has been full and I haven't had a whole lot of time to come here but I'm happy to be back.

A few months ago, after many months of knee pain I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. It has gotten progressively worse lately and I've been struggling with chronic pain. Next month I will start a series of injections to hopefully give me relief from the pain, and increased mobility. At some point in the future (but hopefully not the near near future) I will have knee replacements. If anyone of you have experience with this, please comment and share any wisdom you may have. I try to stay positive, but there are days when I feel sad that I can't do as much anymore, or frustrated with the pain.

My husband has been my rock, my absolute hero throughout this struggle. He is kind, supportive, uplifting, and keeps me laughing. My family and friends have been very kind as well. After them, the thing that really keeps me going is my art. I have been collecting lots of supplies the past couple of months and I've been experimenting with them as the days go by. On my worst days, when it hurts to walk, I find refuge in sitting with my kiddos and a pile of art supplies and just getting lost in the moment. I've been painting, scrap booking, crafting, and writing. Here are some of my creations. I hope you are well and happy, wherever life finds you right now.

With love,


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  1. So sorry that you are having to deal with arthritis pain. My father had rheumatoid arthritis and used to get injections in his knees. Flax oil really helps with the pain. My husband used it on some pain he was having and it really helped him. I bought some for a coworker who was having some really bad pain from arthritis. She was amazed at how much it helped her. She said she wanted to take a bath in it. Also try turmeric or curcurmin. It is also good for arthritis pain.