Sunday, June 30, 2013

Star mobile - a photo tutorial

I've been working on getting my bigger kids' room decorated.
This star mobile is something I've been itching to complete!

Supplies: Embroidery hoop, wooden cutouts, craft paint, string.
I got all of the items at Michael's for about $6 total. I used my
existing glue gun to do the gluing but you can find your own
mini-gun at your craft store for around 5 bucks.

First you paint the cutouts in whatever colors strike your fancy.

Then you add string and a dollop of glue to one cutout,
and place another cutout on top to seal. 

Next I tied some string to the hoop to have a place for
some of the stars to hang. The rest of the stars were hung
on the the hoop itself.

I attached some string to the top of the hoop and hung it!


  1. I love this economical and easy idea for something so appealing and happy!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I really love it and will add it to my nursery decor idea list! It would even fun to have Thomas help me paint the shapes and maybe make one for his room, too. I love how cozy you make your living spaces...I need your help in my house!